TOEFL ibt is a test which is internationally recognised English test programme scores. TOEFL is mostly recommended for US but also for applying for scholarships and various certifications abroad. But there are certain other countries as well who are able to accept TOEFL scores.

At CIL, we have certified faculty and teachers who will help you to achieve good score result. In tofel English coaching institute in Chandigarh Mohali, we prepare you for the success from various angles and aspects. We conduct special sessions for lexical, grammar, learning games, accent neutralization and Cambridge English speaking is free for students who enrol themselves in toefl coaching.

With new rules, now everyone is giving TOEFL iBT test only. It is easy, student and user friendly, fast checking etc. We have professors from all over the world, who are native and will help our students to gain edge over others. We are fast and are known for our record breaking results. Our faculty has taught not only Indians but also people from Japan, Africa and Russia. We maintain our international standards for all the courses we conduct at CIL, Mohali.

In TOEFL coaching at Chandigarh Mohali, we train our students vigorously on Listening, Writing, Reading and Grammatical structure. We have separate classes for every module of LRWG. Toefl classes in Chandigarh Mohali are for those who are interested in applying abroad, especially in US, people looking for scholarships, workers for job visa or English language learners as well. For more info visit -

Toefl exam results; test scores are accepted by all universities in US, Singapore etc and the marking scheme is 0-30 for each modules and the total marks are on 0-120. Every exam has its own set of tricks and methods, so we at CIL helps you to achieve 100+ scores from our TOEFL courses institute at Chandigarh Mohali.

Few tips for TOEFL:
  • Structure your response as a mini essay.
  • Use transition words to guide your listener in a logical, organized way.
  • Use clear English in a confident, expressive way. Simplicity is powerful.
  • Speak at an even pace. It's better to slow down and be completely understood, rather than rush and lose points because the examiner cannot understand your words.
  • Pronounce the "t" in words. It makes it easier for native speakers to understand foreign accents. An example is the word "water". Say "wah-ter". Avoid saying "wadder" or "wah-er".
  • Avoid using words which are difficult to pronounce. You will waste time in correcting yourself if you can't say the words easily. For example, say "chance" instead of "opportunity'