Ad we know that many people are planning to go and get settled down in Canada and Quebec because once again their visas are open.

So what is that first and most important thing that comes in your mind! Language barrier!! Ofcourse it is.

We at Coral Institute of languages help you to erase that barrier and so on provide you world class opportunity and environment so that you can easily settle down and get points for immigration easily by English or French language learning points. The type of French language course we advise you to do is completely compatible with the immigration requirements. Whether it is survival French course or French course for Canada and Québec visa requirements or just to gain few points to complete your application for Canada immigration; we can help you out. These are special courses which can be done on fast track; before you leave for Canada and hence can even fetch you upto 10-12 points via delf French embassy exams at Alliance française Chandigarh.

Our teachers are trained from embassy's institutes or are from Alliance Francaise Chandigarh and Delhi. We have most trained and certified faculty from Alliance French institute of Chandigarh who can help you learn better and fast.

The French language teachers have international experience of teaching. Special doubt sessions are being conducted by them which include the preparation of delf A1, A2 and B1 French language exams at Chandigarh Mohali. Our dedicated teachers are ready to teach you in early mornings and late evenings French language classes' sessions as well.

We have special combo plus classes for foreign language classes in Chandigarh Mohali. This combo course includes IELTS course and French language learning at the same institute for students and people who are looking for PR or study visa.

The French language classes also help you to absorb the cultural facts of the language and people in you. It can help in understanding and interacting with people more in foreign countries. Knowledge of this language will also increase the chances of getting a good job or work visa for Canada or for any foreign countries. We can also help you in your visa processing, Permanent Residency PR Canada or Study visa to any foreign country in Chandigarh Mohali-Punjab.

You can visit our foreign language institute for more information on French language classes in Chandigarh Mohali.