French language institute in Nehru Place South Delhi – Coral Institute of Languages is known for its best teaching methodology and foreign return and faculty from Belgium, London and other European countries. We mean Quality and we expect excellent results in French language courses.

Our teachers are from Alliance Françoise with over 10 to 15 years of teachers experience altogether. French language for Canada is a course for those who would like to do A1 or A2 level of French language course from Nehru Place South Delhi institute-

From August 2013, the rules got amended for the requirements of French language for Quebec Immigration and now they are looking for assessing you on your French speaking and listening skills at B2 level of French language.

And it is very advance level in French language course at coral institute of languages at South Delhi and for that you need to set a timeline of minimum 9 to 12 months for super fast level; in which free French conversational course 10 books and 4 CDs/DVD + dictionary will be included and free study material will be distributed to all our students. We will include free DELF preparation course in our French lessons at South Delhi Nehru Place and Noida. And other course which is normal/ general course for French b2 level for Quebec immigration is for 15 months and hence you will be able to absorb more of this beautiful romantic French language course.

At Coral institute of Languages we will make this long course easy and of shorter duration for you. Many students take this 10 months course as they don't have much time. It's always better to learn the language from the certified teachers and hence you can find internationally trained teachers for French language courses or tuitions at Nehru Place South Delhi.

At this stage, we are at par with the Alliance Françoise Nehru Place French language classes as far as study material, teacher's quality/experience and infrastructure is concerned. We will prepare you for embassy interview for Quebec Immigration. And special classes will be conducted for mock interview sessions at the end of every level.

We will be able to provide French language lessons and tuitions individually and in mini groups for better focus at Nehru Place, South Delhi, Noida or Gurgaon. Our teaching methodology is different and unique. With internationally recognized language teachers and specialists learning French language will be easy and more effective.