If you are preparing for SAT I and SAT II English exams in Nehru Place DELHI or Noida, then you need to visit the city's best SAT and foreign language institute. We here, perform and deliver the best. Good SAT scores in English language test help you to get admission in a good university or college plus increases your chances of getting a financial aid.

At CIL, We have highly experienced faculty and trainers of SAT English that your good scores are guaranteed.

We can even help you in registering for the SAT exam from our institute in case you need any help.

Both SAT I and SAT II are offered six times in a year. But they cannot be taken on the same day. You need atleast 2.5 to 4 months for the preparation of SAT English exam. Actually it depends upon your current level of English language. It usually takes more time when you are at pre intermediate or intermediate level of English language. But for advanced users it takes only 10 weeks of SAT English course. We do offer fast track course but it is customised as per the needs of the student in Nehru Place and Noida. One can even send SAT scores directly to the university.

SAT I include various modules. During the preparation a deep and through knowledge of English language and the grammar is highly recommendable. You should join our SAT English coaching institute in Nehru Place and Noida. You need to go through a constant preparation classes for SAT English I exam which should include mock test and test series every week. We have group sessions and individual sessions for SAT coaching at Nehru Place and Noida.

A standardised test consists of Maths, critical reading, and writing exam. It does not include any listening or speaking modules like in IELTS exam. This is purely paper based test. The maximum you can score is 2400. Every module is of 800 marks. The essay is based on points of 1-12 which is checked twice. And multiple choices are marked on the scale of 20-80.

Our teachers will be able to help you whenever required through online resources and offline as well. We can conduct special doubt sessions for students who want to gain edge over other and are bright.

Course Features
24 hours of unmatched classroom learning.
Unlimited access to our exclusive on blog resource centre.
Unlimited access to the faculty for one-on-one doubt clearing.
Highly comprehensive Study material for free.
Mock tests under real-life exam conditions.
A modest library to help you in English.
Access to CIL's exhaustive question bank.