Corporate Training for Business English and HR Training Chandigarh, Mohali: CIL70

Corporate Training with CIL

Our Corporate Trainers at CIL have expertise in the following areas and more than 15 years of managerial experience in different fields of corporate training and linguistics.

You can contact our executive for more tailor made courses and trainings.

We aim to help all students/learner’s groups achieve their potential by giving them encouragement, understanding and individualized attention. We aim to solve unsolved problems distinctly in an innovative manner. We strive to raise our students' aspiration and achievement levels by infusing them with enthusiasm for the subject, self-confidence, motivation and direction. Our mission is to promote the fundamentals of any subject, with an emphasis on participation, education, involvement, and fun.

Business English

Study Business English in Coral Institute of Languages - CIL with other professional in our Executive and Business classes, dedicated to business English teaching. Join the exclusives courses for your needs according to your work or business for socialising and networking; with the help of our dedicated trainers who are equipped with different and up to date teaching aids and extensive resources available at our centre.

Experienced Business English Teachers  

Dedicated English teachers with business experience will push you to achieve the best results. Our teachers are certified from British Council and Cambridge.
You can choose business English courses to improve your English level for work or choose Executive General English to learn business and everyday English.

Cross-cultural Communication Skills Training

Gain the confidence and skills you need to communicate in the international marketplace. Tailor-made seminars can be delivered in your premises by experts in international business communication across cultures. Our cultural seminars are designed to help improve how companies operate in an international business environment. Training includes market briefings, managing diversity, team working, selling across cultures, leadership, norms to follow in international environment and language barriers including all other aspects.

In-company Training

Create your own business language courses delivered at your business premises.

Personality development course - Get an unshakable personality from within

In this course, we polish our candidate’s personal and inter-personal skills by organizing their thoughts, feelings and behavior into a cohesive and coherent unit to suit the professional environment; they may be studying or working in. It has been noticed that even after getting good education people find themselves lacking somewhere when it comes to their own personality. They feel difficulties in facing public. Now days every organization wants to have multi talented man power, so we need to develop ourselves at all the level. Most of us, in some time of the life, have to speak before a group of people. Some people take this public speaking as an opportunity whereas others are likely to be anxious just with the thought of addressing a room full of audience. They would leave no stone unturned to escape from the situation. This is quite true that people who are scared of public speaking lack confidence but they can surely build it up. Like others, they can also speak well, capture the audience and set themselves apart.

You may also be asked to deliver presentations to clients, speak at board meetings or conferences or address your colleagues in a group. The success or failure of your public speaking skills affects you and your organization. Public Speaking course and personality development training helps you to overcome all these difficulties and speak with confidence before huge audience. Personality Development Training program is designed to meet the specific needs of our clients depending on their personal/organizational requirements and their existing skills.

Public Speaking and Personality development Course includes:

  • How to remain enthusiastic
  • Changing of mind set and self exploration
  • How to start a talk, middle body and end the talk
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Improving English
  • Improving dressing sense
  • Time management
  • Table manners
  • Group discussions
  • Using voice modulation when public speaking: diction, intonation, rhythm and pacing
  • Using gestures and non-verbal communication in public speaking
  • Strategies for confidence building and removing anxiety of public speaking
  • Co-ordination between verbal and non verbal message
  • How to lead a group of people
  • Effective leadership quality
  • How to overcome worry and tensions
  • How to manage your anger

Human resources training courses at CIL

HR training courses can lead to the right job for someone with a passion for dealing with people. HR jobs enable the right people, with the right human resources training to have fulfilling and lifelong careers. Our HR training courses alongside other tips, suggestions and advice that people have asked for over recent times. HR training courses can lead to satisfying employment that demands sound judgment of human nature combined with a good conversational ability plus up to date market and industry knowledge.  If that describes you then HR management could just be the career you are looking for.